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Meet Our trainees

Meet Our Trainees



We asked Matthew a few questions about his time at PROPS and the brewery:

A long time ago, So you have been here 9 years that is a long time ago.

Moving stuff around, sorting the kegs, unpacking them and putting into the cooler room.

I would show them around all the stuff and show them were everything goes.

Lime beer, cause I would want to put different flavours in.

No I can’t do jokes, I don’t even no a joke.

Pepperoni and hot chillies.

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We asked Will a few questions about his time at PROPS and the brewery:

Not absolutely sure, I am going to guess quite a long time. So you have been here for 3 years, oh so I was right.

That’s a hard question, maybe making the beer. What else do you like doing at the brewery? maybe meeting people and talking.

Be safe and listen carefully. And mind there are hot things.

Rainbow, because I think it's fun.

Why did the brewery close, I don’t know why did the brewery close? because the beer didn’t work.

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We asked Scott a few questions about his time at PROPS and the brewery:

Yes, I enjoy being in the café. I like the work, especially the cakes. Eating them mainly. I feel good when I am at PROPS.

I like painting. I painted the office wall and the café. I’m a good painter. I feel happy after I’ve painted. I like the colour at the brewery.

You should taste the beer, enjoy the music and check out the mural. It’s a bit of a mess at the moment, I was sanding the tables. I didn’t clean up after myself. I’ve never done stuff like that before.

Lemon Juice or Lime

I’m no good at jokes. I’m good at singing. Robbie Williams, I will sing any of his songs.

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the taproom

the taproom

Comfy seats aplenty where you can meet your friends, relax and drink great tasting craft beer. The tapestry taproom is a safe space for all, pop down and sample our beers.

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